Friday, 13 May 2011


Its happened, it was only a matter of time really, inevitable if you will but its happened now, and there’s no going back, I have reached a new level of pretentiousness.
I am of course talking to you from an American franchised food outlet to which I have brought my apple laptop and am connected to the free Wi-Fi service in order to BLOG.
This to me does seem to be the most pretentious a person can be with ought ACTUALLY moving to Cambridge, buying a knitted cardigan and growing a beard but to be honest in the words of out lord and saviour ‘I can see the appeal’ because as a means of killing time I can certainly think of a lot worse.
The only downside is that I am adding ‘southwest sauce’ to the growing list of things that are in my keyboard which is going to become a problem in the near future but this aside the American franchised food establishment is winning me over as a place to be pretentious. Its definitely better than the train as my only worries here are spilling food on my computer where as on the train there’s missing your stop to worry about not to mention the risk of knife wielding terrorists with bombs made from sun cream (if you read the daily mail that is)
No, the only thing stopping me from staying here all day in fact is the realisation that I have now killed more than enough time and am now running a bit late!
So time to upload this baby to the net using the reliable public wi-f… oh

oh well, it was good while it lasted!

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