Friday, 6 May 2011

BIG NEWS! (nothings changed)

the UK has firmly denied the alternative vote in favor of the age old system that brought us such delight as Margaret thatcher and the good old lib dem/tory coalition.
to be fair to first past the post it is a tried and tested method and in most cases it does work and to be honest the only reason i voted yes was a vain attempt to 'fight the power' but id still like to see if it would work.
but when i come to power THIS is how we will do it.
all the party leaders will have to go into the big brother house of commons and perform tasks such as 'reduce the deficit' and 'improve the NHS' then each week the public will vote one off and the last one remaining after however many weeks it takes will run the country until the next series.
the system will be called 'big society' not to be confused with 'THE big society' which is a crazy ploy by david cameron in which we wants us to buy LITERALLY EVERYTHING.

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