Monday, 21 February 2011

Were back!

Or rather its back, yes thats right boys and girls, skateboarding season has finally (to quote the Feeder song) come back around!
once again you are no longer safe to walk your dog in the park with-ought risking injury as you laugh yourself silly watching what are suppose to be 'grown men' scooting about on planks of wood like the immature children they clearly are.
now some may argue and say things like "hay now, skateboarding isn't for children! what about tony hawk and Rodney Mullen? no-won laughs at them."
true, no-won is laughing at Rodney Mullen, and why is that? I mean if he wasn't a professional skateboarder he would most likely be on the list of suspected pedophiles because he spends a 'suspiciously large amount of time in the park playing with children'.
but im missing the point, deliberately for comic effect that is.
because you see the main thing that makes skateboarding a bit of a laughable sport for a man who is allowed in a pub is that most of us are simply rubbish.
we know it, you definitely know it and a lot of the time the little shits that are to be the next generation of 'childish weirdoes' know it too but do we care?
we skateboard not because were making a statement not because we want to be the next tony hawk certainly not to look 'cool' but because its a great way to spend a sunny (overcast will do) afternoon with your mates.
so long live the ones who refuse to grow up and remember that some things never change.

Thank God for summer!