Saturday, 23 April 2011


I dont understand twitter.
now i could just stop there, leave it at that, i don't understand twitter and it is unlikely i ever will.
but no, il carry on.
to me it seems the world of 'social networking' if thats what its even called these days is going steadily in reverse.
i mean first we had myspace (which i never understood either) in which users would have the freedom to create their own little website using advanced java script techniques and showcase their photos, interests and any other personal information they desired in their own little bit of the internet.
then came bebo (which i will confess having been bullied into getting) which was basically a simpler version of myspace with less freedom and with less features or capability to change the look of your little profile.
then came facebook (which my collage colleagues actually signed me up to against my will and forced me to comply by threatening to harass all my mates in my name unless i engaged in 'facebooking') as it turns out facebook is simply bebo with even less features and even more pointless information about your fellow facebooker such as "rosie austin is painting a wall" or "fiona cornford is drinking iced tea" (both taken from the opening page of my facebook today)
now i suppose the point of all this is that you can share your photos and send messages about them which is all very jolly and 'fun' however, twitter is one small step back for social networking and a giant retreat for the poor user, because as far as i can make out you cant do photos on twitter!
so all you are left with is such gems as "steven fry is driving his fucking taxi" and "john terry is still a total plank"
so i am confused as to where this is all going, surely the next progression is 'Addressbook" where users simply record the names of people they know and nothing else?
i am aware that i sound like an old man but seriously? is this good?
twitter dosent even give you enough characters to write a decent length rant!
if i made a social networking site (and i wouldn't because i hate them) it would be 'lets all meet up for real like we used to book' in which users would just be given a random postcode of a pub or a park and a time at which to meet and everyone would just go outside and have fun..
but then i am VERY cynical..

happy blogging!

Sunday, 3 April 2011


Just a quick one to notify the world (well some of it) that all hope is not lost
today a clear sign of progress in the human race became apparent, my mum and my brother (the two most incapable people i have ever met) successfully managed to bump started a car with only 2 phone calls to me asking "what do i do the car doesn't work!?!"
this is reassuring to people like me who would rather walk home than call the dreaded 'de-masculinisation service' that is the AA.

there is light at the end of the tunnel for the playstation generation..