Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Where the devil are you?

blog, blogg, blogging.. yes.
Well it has been a while since i last made a pointless addition to this largely un noticed collection of rants and events that have fallen out of my brain and into this computer but i feel now is the time to break the drought of writings and spill some more poorly thought out and dramatised drivel onto the web.
the thing that has provoked this is that something has got me thinking, that something is stats.
not the complicated mathematical kind which often succeed in preventing me from thinking but the stats that are related to the viewing figures of a blog, namely this one.
now i don't have many readers (feel special) but as it happens the majority of the people that visit this blog seem to live in countries that i can't even name (the one below england that isn't ireland?) (and that one near america?.. unless that is america) and it got me thinking because i have now realised that most of my audience does not intact speak (or indeed listen) english.
so is there any point in the words to this?
perhaps the only way to blog is with pictures (plog?.. nah thats shit)
so yeah
if you speak english let me know
if you don't just enjoy the visual delight that is 'pills'