Wednesday, 25 May 2011


I was wondering about apples today. Not the delicious kind, but the smug over priced ones you find in pretentious artily laid out shops.
basically i was thinking, is there anything only those computers can do.
sure the confident clerk with his thick rimed spectacles and fashionable face fungus will tell you that 'its unlike any computer' and 'it takes your computing experience to a whole new level' but to be honest its just another computer, granted its nice and shiny and it seems a bit stronger than the old plastic one but at the end of the day the cheap o Asus one does seem to be able to perform the same tasks with comparable ease.
now i have spent some time thinking of anything the apple can do that the windows cant and then it struck me!
the one thing that the apple can do and the windows cannot.

( alt,shift,K )


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