Friday, 18 March 2011

St Patricks day

the friendliest day of the year has once again been and gone, and what a day, night and early hours of the next day it was.
bars rammed, student unions open way past bed time and drunken celebrators as far as the blurry bloodshot eye can see.
not being irish i don't really know what St Patricks day is actually about, i mealy use it as an annual excuse to drink more than my fair share of guinness and generally make a bit of an idiot of myself.
it turns out that St Patrick was most noted for bringing christianity into ireland and St patricks day marks the day of his death.
but no won knows (or cares about) that right? St Patricks day is just basically an excuse to drink until you are unconscious these days, just like easter is an excuse to eat your body weight in chocolate, we don't care why anymore, we just do it, and why the hell not!
I remember thinking to myself as I awaited the night bus that this holiday is one of my favourites and i think the reason is that theres no rules, at christmas you have to get a tree and invite your relatives round for sunday roast etc etc. but paddy day has none of that bullshit. yes you can drink guinness but cider is perfectly acceptable too and if you don't like either then a pint of snakebite with a shot of vodka in it is absolutely fine too, and yes you should ware green but again no won minds if you don't. you can truly embrace St Patricks day any way you see fit, which was outlined perfectly by the rather ill looking man dressed as a tiger waiting at the bus stop with me.

happy paddy's day everyone!

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