Wednesday, 9 March 2011

I hate computers.

what a wonderful invention, the computer! combining work and leisure and anything else you can think of into 1 brilliant little package.
you name it, the computer knows it, its like having your own personal genius in the room, we love computers, thats why pity much everyone has one, their just grea.. oh wait.. whats this? error? wares my work gone? windows is shutting down? FUCK!
and in an instant you are filled with un repenting hatred for the computers and all computers in the world.
sound familiar? of course it does, i cant have been more than 2 days since anyone felt like shouting at a computer (or actually shouted at one)
im not sure what it is about out plastic overlords that just winds us up so much but they certainly do thats for sure, perhaps its their smugness in withholding the information you need or the way they remain completely calm when delivering bad news, at least if it looked a bit flustered and stressed too it might help to ease the blow of loosing an afternoons work for no apparent reason.
this kind of thing will more often than not provoke a statement like this "ah well you should have bought a MAC then" or "this kind of thing would never happen to a PC" usually delivered by a man with thick framed glasses and an unbearably annoying voice but to him i say 'fuck off!' it doesn't matter if its a windows or an apple,at the end of the day their all evil little boxes of wires that enjoy nothing more than causing us puny minded humanoids as much stress and misery as is humanly (or should i say computerly) possible.
this blatant provocativeness it apparent very clearly in the pointless error warnings which will normally consist of a piece of gibberish (if anything at all) and box allowing you to approve it with the word OK, but its not fucking OK! i have coursework to do you evil plastic bastard!
going back to my earlier quote that its like having your own personal genius in the room, i think that is still an accurate analogy, but you have to remember that a lot of genius's are intact very temperamental short tempered and above all stubborn and more often than not die a lot earlier than you would expect.

so lets forget the petty debate between MAC and PC and look at the bigger picture, its them verses us, and its just always going to be that way
'hi im a MAC', 'and im a PC', 'and im a pissed of student that just wants to get some coursework done!' (proceeds to smash them both to pieces with a frying pan.)

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