Thursday, 31 March 2011


don't get me wrong i love complaining.
i complain about food, i complain about the weather wether its too hot or too cold and i complain about the bus when it doesn't arrive at EXACTLY the time stated on the sign.
but what does annoy me and will be the subject of todays rant/ complaint is when people come round and complain to you face to face.
thats cheating! you not allowed to actually tell sum-one that sum-thing is wrong your just suppose to complain reservedly about it behind their backs until they either realise the error of their ways and desist or continue blindly for so long that you no longer care about it.
the thing that provoked this was that i received a complaint about the loud music that almost always comes from my room, i wouldn't have minded if it was 3 in the morning or sum-thing like that but it was 8 o'clock in the afternoon and i feel that this is perfectly acceptable in a student halls of residence.
naturally i did what everyone does when told to 'turn it down' , i said "ok mate no problem" made a microscopic adjustment to the volume and carried on as normal.
this is the reason that i don't complain to people, it never works and you get silently judged (and most likely complained about behind your back) for trying.
so that is why i wont be going to 'have a word' about the 'trance' coming through my wall but i am going to write this slightly bitter blog
because that after all is the british way.

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