Thursday, 23 June 2011

Elephant in the tent

as we know there is much taboo associated with 'alternative living conditions' most of which cannot be discussed for fear of causing offence however i feel the need to address the elephant in the tent ,caravan or canal boat because i think this is a perfectly reasonable way to live.
i must explain my motives for this as under normal circumstances i do live in a house so making such a statement would be like being told "were all in this recession together" by a privately educated multi millionaire named dave.
but yes as i was saying i am currently living in a tent owing to the fact my room is currently a building site complete with old radio, carcinogenic dust and very slow worker so i am currently measuring a solid 9 on the gypsy scale but to be honest i don't care!
if anything the tent has been a welcome change.
not only does it offer ample shelter from the glorious british summertime but it also offers a mildly amusing talking point to bring up in conversation at random for instance, "ah mann, it was so windy last night" "yes i thought my tent would blow away" "you live in a tent?" "damn straight..."
etc etc.
i think this unreasonable taboo should be stamped out and people should embrace the idea of alternative housing methods, after all northern rock cant reposes your tent.

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