Sunday, 23 January 2011

Bus Stop

The lovely people from student finance have decided to give me 2 thousand pounds for free because I attained 3 distinctions at collage.
after researching into it a little i found out that its been going on for a while, the scheme is called an academic scholarship and is awarded to anyone who passes their A levels or collage course with the highest grade attainable and then goes to university.
of course Cameron does not approve of such kindness and will be abolishing it next year so it seams im getting the last of the free money.

the real dilemma of course is the one that faces anyone who obtains a large sum of money for seemingly no reason, what to blow it on.
iv always been a fan of VW campervans and my current car is on its last wheels so to speak so it seems that that is the logical thing to buy.

I will update with pictures and information as and when but as yet all i can say is...

'This is happening'

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